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Sustainable & Ethical Apparel Sourcing

Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing is changing the way companies integrate sustainability and ethics into supply chain management

Full-Service Sourcing & Consulting:  We are a full-service concierge that consults on the supply chain and sustainability as well as connects companies and brands with industry-leading manufacturers in Bangladesh and Asia.

Brand Management: Our dynamic team offers additional services such as brand management, story-telling, product pricing, and marketing.

Diversity & Inclusion: We are a minority and women-owned business. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the heart of our operation.

What makes us exceptional: We bring transparency to your supply chain and help guide you toward better sourcing practices. We only source from top-performing manufacturers who are price competitive, sustainable, and ethical. Our manufacturing partners set the industry standard for quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and labor practices. 

Our goal: We aim to have a net positive effect at the intersection of fashion, ethics, and sustainability


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