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Sustainable & Ethical Apparel Sourcing

Responsible Supply Chain: We ensure product quality, availability, and affordability for our customers with minimal environmental impact. Our goal is to improve our clients' business competitiveness and lower business risks​

Capacity and vertically integrated mills: We can fulfill any mid-size to large orders. Many of our manufacturers are also vertically integrated and have easy access to all sorts of fabrics. A full tech audit is available upon request

3D technology: We are keeping up global technology trends, and we use 3D technology to help our clients and our manufacturers work together in real time to visual apparel SKU before we begin production


Organic cotton: We use organic cotton for many of our clients, and we are well-equipped in procuring and ensuring sustainable supply chain​

Product testing and quality assurance: We stringently maintain quality control and conduct all testing to ensure safety and import standards

Product range: Knit, Woven, and Denim for men, women, youth, children, infants, and pets.


Product category: Tops, bottoms, swimwear, lingerie, activewear, sleepwear, loungewear, outerwear


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